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Hand In Hand Bail Bonds has been serving California since 1995. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service in a caring, confidential, and dignified manner. We operate 24/7, and are always available for questions, comments or concerns during any part of the bail process. Let us know how we can serve you and exceed all of your expectations.

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When you come to Hand in Hand Bail Bonds for bail bonding you will receive a standard of service not offered by any other California bondsman. We understand most people who need a bail bond need it for the first time. When you contact us you may be emotional or going through hard times and we are here to help. We will not judge you or your loved one based on the accused crime, but instead on your character and willingness to work within the bail bond process. We commonly post bail for DUIs, robbery, assault, possession of narcotics, domestic disputes, and almost any other crime. Contact us today and we will work with you to keep you or you loved ones safe and out of jail.

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